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how to say chair in chinese

This is in the last row in Chinese characters, telling in which city the ticket was printed. To its left, is a code made up of digits and English letters. It is used to verify the authenticity of the ticket, as does the two-dimensional code in the right bottom corner. ... More

how to make strawberry banana smoothie in nutribullet

Pink Detox Blast Smoothie, a NutriBullet original detox drink, will cleanse your liver, lower your blood pressure, lubricate your joints, and reduce inflammation. ... More

how to get a tax return transcript ato

A transcript contains most line items from your return and can be used if you need last year's AGI or other numbers from a previously-filed return. Here's what a transcript looks like . To order, go to the IRS Get Transcript page and choose an option: online (same-day) or by mail (5-10 days). ... More

how to make someone disappear

18/09/2015 · Watch video · “As soon as you make a digital connection with your phone,” says Vlissidis, the apps are up and running and giving info away about you. People … ... More

how to make a beer can wall

For the test, I stuck three cans of beer in the freezer to get them down to between -0.6C and 0C. Then I dragged a space heater into a small bathroom and managed to get it up in a temperature ... More

how to say thank you very much in danish

4/10/2016 · If you ever wondered how to say "thank you very much" in Russian, view this video blog. In this tutorial you will discover most popular usage of the word. In this tutorial you will discover most ... More

how to make a cat cave

The cat cave project is a large time and money investment for a beginner, so I would practice on smaller projects first. MORE INFO: This tutorial takes you step by step through felting a cat cave, including flowers, grass, flower buds, and advanced blocking. ... More

how to move programe files to another drive

If you only need to move the program files and not the program itself, you can simply locate the file folder that contains all of the program information and copy it to the external drive. You can also right-click on the file folder, and when you reach the "drop-down" menu, access the "Send to" option, transmitting it to the external hard drive. ... More

how to make a crypto calender using java

In this Java tutorial we will see about what PBE is and how we can use it in Java to encrypt and decrypt a file. In Password based encryption (PBE), a password is chosen and it is used along with a generated salt (key) to encrypt. ... More

how to play emperor card game

THE DEAL – EMPEROR. Shuffle the two decks of cards together. Deal yourself 10 piles of four cards. This should be done row by row, the first three rows should be … ... More

how to make a toy race track

To make our race cars, I simply hot glued two magnets to each craft stick for the wheels of the car and then added a number and some stripes to each craft stick race car I used black painters tape to add a track to our magnetic board. ... More

how to pay off credit cards for less

First, we pay for EVERYTHING with credit cards then pay nearly every dime on my cards come pay day, and try to use the rewards cards as much as we can to get cash back, then I pay off every card I can pay off to a zero balance, and on the others pay at least enough so the balance is no higher than the prior month. We had our usage down to about 20% but while on vacation, we cooked the motor in ... More

how to make tomato ketchup in urdu

1/05/2012 How to make easy Ketchup Recipe Ingredients:-2 kg Tomato 1 cup Vinegar 1 cup Brown Sugar Salt-to salt 1 tbsp White pepper powder Method:- Take a bowl and boil water in it. ... More

how to make desk with ikea alex drawers

Ikea Linnmon table top and Alex drawers combination What others are saying "A spritz of gold paint turned two desks with mismatched legs into a chic work space for Carrie of Dream Green DIY. ... More

how to make lava cake with brownie mix

See how to bake without butter, sugar, eggs, dairy milk and more. If you think its impossible to bake without butter without losing flavor and texture, then keep on reading. ... More

woolworths marvel discs how to make thors hammer

Anyways, the point is that the discs are the major component of his armor. Most of the rest of his armor (and a fair amount of Thor's combat toughness) is generated by the discs. Most of the rest of his armor (and a fair amount of Thor's combat toughness) is generated by the discs. ... More

how to make a convertible wind deflector

11/04/2017 · As many of you are aware, if you have a standard Perspex wind deflector, access to the Z3 cubby box is impossible without removing it first. View attachment 53327 So I came up with this easy fix so that you can gain access to store your trinkets. ... More

how to make a sports car in minecraft xbox 360

The new Xbox 360 is a model of efficiency, specced to a maximum power draw of 135 watts. Our build, however, used an older model rated for 175 watts. ... More

how to make buttercream filling

A Swiss Meringue BUTTERCREAM is a filling/frosting that is created by whisking egg whites and sugar while warming to approx 145 degrees F (some choose to warm the mixture as high as 165 F) The mixture is then placed in a mixer and whipped to create a glossy thick … ... More

how to make money like bill gates

So Gates does not, like most people, work for money or make money. He is printing money in the form of software licenses and code. Code is the new cash and that explains why and how Gates became the richest man in the world. ... More

how to make pizza in microwave oven grill

Grilling in the oven is like cooking on the grill with the lid down. Just as the lid on the grill captures the heat so that your food cooks from the top and the bottom, so does the oven door. Use a rack so the heat can circulate under the food, and you’ll rarely have to turn the meat you’re cooking. Use aluminum foil to catch the drippings and you’ll have very little clean-up. ... More

how to make a fairy house out of paper

20/07/2012 · If you’d like to make a more colorful fairy house, try the instructions from Suzy’s colorful birdhouse shelf here! My friend Pauline made adorable gingerbread houses … ... More

how to make sweet pastry for jam tarts

Today Im sharing my recipe for homemade sweet pastry and using it to make amazing homemade jam tarts! Im not a huge fan of mince pies but last year I really wanted to make some so I searched high and low for a baking tray that had either a smooth rounded base for the tarts or a patterned fancy base. ... More

how to make diy mod podge

Once you have your mod podge coatings dry and your backing dry you are ready to start using them as some fun coasters. I think these would make for some fun gift ideas. You could even print out pictures and make photo coasters. I love that idea. ... More

how to say sunglasses in spanish

Translation of plan at Merriam-Webster's Spanish-English Dictionary. Audio pronunciations, verb conjugations, quizzes and more. ... More

how to return fios equipment

13/01/2014 · customer service if you call them can mail you one, also I don't remember exactly where to print it but I believe if you select the order in my documents and receipts through myverizon it starts giving further options such as return and return labels. ... More

how to plan a great vacation

30/10/2015 If you travel on a faster service without the right ticket youre liable for an on-the-spot fine (up to 50). Validate tickets using the yellow machines on train platforms. Validate tickets using the yellow machines on train platforms. ... More

how to make cauliflower vegetable indian style

Here are our 13 best Indian vegetable recipes to spruce up your meal time - 1. Palak Bhurji. A light and fresh palak recipe with a mild seasoning and some crushed paneer, perfect to team with piping hot phulkas. This is a healthy recipe with a delicious melange of spices. Healthy, easy, quick and delicious, this palak bhurji recipe ... More

how to make a homemade fort

Storage Sheds In Fort Walton Beach Make Your Own Shades Best Way To Build A Shed Door Free Shred Events Columbia Sc Free Shred Vancouver Wa 2015 Two, achievable take this list to hardware shops, home improvement stores, and lumber yards to obtain a quick quoted price. ... More

how to make masala chana

How to Make Masala Chana Soak chana overnight. Next morning, boil in salted water till tender or pressure cook till done. Drain if necessary or dry by putting on high heat till water evaporates. ... More

how to make a ball headed war club

The Sioux war club on the right is a trade item obtained from the whites. The club on the left is a mace with a swinging beaded head. These three clubs are from the collection of David T. Vernon, which is now permanently displayed at the Colter Bay Visitor Center in Grand Teton National Park. ... More

how to make frosting with no crumbs

Please make sure to use regular vegetable oil with no strong taste or smell. When oil unusually smells or tastes very strong, it could be stored too warm or too long. Also, some organic oils taste very strong. So smell or taste the oil before using it. ... More

how to make your birthday special for yourself

A few days or weeks before your birthday find a card you love, sign it and write yourself a note. Then address and stamp the envelope and ask someone to mail it to you a couple of days before your birthday. This is a great way to guarantee a card, and I promise it will make you smile. ... More

how to make whipped cream from milk cornstarch

Open the can of coconut milk and scoop out the cream at the top. Add the coconut cream, agave syrup, cornstarch and vanilla to a bowl. Beat for 3 -5 minutes until creamy. Add the coconut cream, agave syrup, cornstarch and vanilla to a bowl. ... More

how to put on makeup

It depends Average school day(40min-1hr): 1. I put on an lotion with salicylic acid with my hands, then let it sit for a bit 2. I put on a pore eraser with my hands 3. I put on colour correcter with a brush 4. I put on my foundation and concealer ... More

how to make the perfect juicy lucy

How to cook a burger in the toaster oven livestrong shake and bake pork chops dinner then dessert juicy lucy burger a k jucy recipe chowhound shake and bake pork ... More

how to raise and lower arm of dyson animal 412

Bargain shoppers will feast on plenty of deals this month. November brings Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Here are the categories to buy — and a couple to skip — over the next ... More

how to make egyptian magic cream

Product Description: For more than 20 years we have been blending these ingredients using our unique, proprietary process based on a formula that was created thousands of … ... More

how to make fake cuts on your hed

Three others that did not make the final cut were a fella and his horse that got hit by a cannonball ( this was unbelievably gory when they filmed the scene!) .One more got his head cut off. All of these were handmade (we got to watch, it was really neat!) rubber props. ... More

how to find equation of line rise over run

That makes it easier to think of it as rise over run (rise/run). Since we have a positive slope, the rise and the run need to either be BOTH positive or BOTH negative. So, we can either rise up 3 and run right 1 OR go down 3 and left 1. ... More

how to make an animated series

Photos from google, the rest by me. So a lot of you want to make an animated series, so here's a trashy guide on how to do it! The youtubers I mentioned in here use strong language so make sure you're allowed to watch/listen to them ... More

how to make beard not itch

Combine this with sharp, coarse edges rubbing against said dry skin and you'll get an itch that would make a flea proud. Itchy beard is one of the prime reasons we created our Daily Facial + Beard … ... More

how to make tootsie pops

Valentine’s Day is such a special day for children. They love to share treats with their friends and special crushes. These Tootsie Pop Flower Valentines are a special way to show their friend how much they care, and they are also a lot of fun to make. ... More

c ihttpactionresult how to return badrequest with json data

Getting an AJAX request with jQuery and JSON in MVC is actually pretty simple. The first step is to have a Controller action that returns a JsonResult: ... More

how to make microwavable bowls

Charm Square Soup Bowl Cozy Tutorial - You'll want to make lots of these Soup Bowl Cozies using my quick and easy tutorial. Lots of photos and detailed instructions so that even a beginner can sew them. #sewingproject #sewingtutorial via @susanflemming ... More

how to make an ios app on windows

Happy To Share With You First Video On This New Year of 2019. This Video Shows how to create Free Mobile Apps For Android ,IOS, Windows Platform. ... More

how to make iphone 6 look like 7

From the early iPhone 7 cases I've tested, the iPhone 7 is almost the exact same size as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S (I haven't tested a iPhone 7 Plus case yet, so I don't know where we stand there ... More

how to make strong sex

Weak erection could be defined as inability to keep erection strong enough to continue sex during lovemaking. This sensitive part of the body must be in good conditions to keep the erection such as nerve pulses in the brain, spinal column around the penis, the fibrous tissue muscles and veins near the corpora must be also in good conditions to allow the full erection of the penis. ... More

how to put photos from your iphone to your computer

28/11/2018 · When you choose Download Photos & Video, all your photos and videos from your iCloud Photo Library download to your iPhone’s internal storage. First, check whether you have enough storage for all those photos/videos. If you don’t, the download fails due to insufficient storage–you see an on-screen message. ... More

how to say romantic in spanish

Do you have a Latin lover or are you madly in love with a Spanish beauty. You don’t have to be fluent in Spanish to get your romantic feelings across to that person. ... More

minecraft how to make a hunger games map xbox 360

Play and Listen want to see this map being played http wwwyoutubecom watchv8js4ojuzp5q this is a little test video showing me in creative playing around and making my hunger games map for when i Minecraft Xbox 360 Creative - Making The Hunger Games Map Mp3 ... More

how to open appication at once on hp

How to download apps and games from the App Store. Once you've searched for the app you want, it's time to download and install it. Tap the app or game you wish to purchase or download for free. Tap Get if it is free, or the price of the app if it is paid. Place your finger on the Home button to activate Touch ID. How to update apps on iPhone and iPad. Open the App Store app. Tap Updates on ... More

how to say fast food in japanese

13/09/2014 · Learn how to say Fast Food with Japanese accent. Fast Food (faasuto fuudo): In Japanese, it can be written as ファーストフード . "Fast food is the term given to food … ... More

how to say bon appetit in italian

Say ‘Bon Appetit!’ to fresh Italian fare Chew On This Digest May 25, 2014 Story By: Michelle Lee Photos by: Nathalie Walker. With a name that says it all, Fresco Italian Restaurant’s concept is easy to grasp with one quick glance of the menu. ... More

how to make resume online for fresher free

do you need to see resume samples? we believe some fresher do not know how to write and make a resume, but you can be able to create best resume with looking at the sample of fresher resume samples download where we have provided some pictures free for you. so, you can write it correctly with right format and right writing starting from the ... More

how to make your lips pink overnight

How to Make Your Lips Pink Apply this liquid on your lips and leave it overnight. Again, make sure the juice doesn’t seep below and stain the rest of your face. For best results, you can alternate the two above mentioned remedies. Dead cells which accumulate on your lips make them look dark and pale. So exfoliating your lips is very important once in a while. Take a toothbrush and gently ... More

how to make your own fifa card on futhead

FIFA 17 Pack Opener Hacked on Scratch. Nov 22, 2017 May change this name to FIFA 18 Pack Opener Hacked (Will change cards to FIFA 18 cards and add more packs. ... More

how to make flashcards word online

ESL Flashcards-This site provides free access to nearly 3,000 flashcards. The cards can be printed directly from the site for free. The cards can be printed directly from the site for free. Each set of cards comes in a pack and in different sizes making them ideal for playing games to teach language skills. ... More

how to play football like lionel messi

Lionel Messi Biography 2009-10 season at Barcelona After successful 2008-09 season Barcelona Manager Josep Guardiola stated that Lionel Messi is the best player he had ever seen. On September 18th, 2009 Lionel Messi signed a new contract with Barcelona tying him to the club until 2016. ... More

how to make farewell song

When you bid farewell to a friend who is moving away, you don't have to feel as if your world is over. On the contrary, you can now explore your friendship in a new dimension. ... More

how to make sweet whipped cream

Whipped cream is cream that is whipped by a whisk or mixer until it is light and fluffy. Whipped cream is often sweetened and sometimes flavored with vanilla. Whipped cream is also called Chantilly cream or crème chantilly (pronounced [kʁɛm ʃɑ̃tiji] Food chemistry. Whipped cream is a culinary colloid produced when heavy cream … ... More

how to train your dragon shows in order

“How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World” will release in 48 international markets ahead of its Feb. 22 release date in the U.S., including Brazil, Italy, Mexico, the U.K. & Ireland, France ... More

how to make money with a mini excavator

There is no need to try and build a mini excavator thumb attachment when you can buy one brand new for half the cost, saving you both time and money. Cheers, Mr. Mini Excavator Thumbs. Comments. Anthony - Support on November 07 2017 at 07:16PM. Hi David, We actually have shipped many thumbs to HI and as you probably know shipping anything to the island can be ... More

how to make a simple 3d paper car

Make use of our FREE 3D Paper Unicorn Templates How make a Pop Up Unicorn Card I have TWO How to Videos for you to check out – the first shows you how to make all your “Unicorn Card PARTS”, the second shows you how to assemble them. ... More

how to make friends at a bar

19/05/2015 If you're in a bar, flirting with a woman you're interested in doing sex stuff with, there are a million ways to screw up that encounter. You could be creepy. You could forget to buy her friends a ... More

how to make textbox readonly in html

On a functional level there is no problem with using readonly inputs to persist and display data in a preview screen. When I tried this approach however I noticed that different browsers treat readonly inputs in different ways which cannot be addressed with CSS rules. ... More

how to prepare black tea at home

Press the cardamom pods until they crack. Bring the water, tea, star anise, cinnamon, and cardamom to a boil. Boil for 3-5 minutes until the tea is black and has reduced to … ... More

how to open oven door hinge

To do this we need to open up the two clips on the hinges. Now holding the door firmly as we lift up the door the hinges will separate themselves from the main oven. Now holding the door firmly as we lift up the door the hinges will separate themselves from the main oven. ... More

how to make the video slow motion

Ever since we saw the matrix, we as a society decided that slow-motion videos as a whole are something we need to be able to do at the drop of a hat. ... More

how to make sweet potato juice

30/11/2008 Lemon juice is what makes L. Bruce Massey's sweet potato pie taste more like sweet potato. "It neutralizes the flavors," Massey explained to The Herald-Mail from his ... More

how to make spotify activity private

LinkedIn Help - Visibility of Your Updates, Posts, and Activity - How can I choose who sees my updates and posts on my Activity page? Attention screen reader users, you are in a mobile optimized ... More

how to make chana dal namkeen

Looking for some options to munch on, try their sing Bhujiya, sev mamra, moong dal or chana dal. Available in 5 and 10 rupee packs, these namkeens are a must-carry for those looking for food-on-the-go. ... More

how to make a woman squirt porn

Come back daily for more porn always free and fresh right at your fingertips. EMPFlix is the #1 porn site with videos to feed your porn crave. Get in on some hot free porn action at EMPFlix pumping out fresh porn ... More

how to make time lapse art videos

People who watch my videos are wondering if they would be able to make such images, and the answer is yes. Here are 10 tips for shooting time-lapse. Here are 10 tips for shooting time-lapse. ESPANOL ... More

how to play rayman legends

Rayman Legends you will easily be able to start on and on older computer, which is a big advantage for anyone who wants to play. The graphics are very attractive with vivid colors that give the game a special charm, music is perfectly blended and rights is just enjoy listening to it. ... More

how to find open reading frame

Hello! I'm a biology student and I have a question: I have given a DNA sequence and I have to find the amino-acids sequence. How do I decide which is the right ORF (Open Reading Frame) for ... More

how to make a plain chocolate shot

Chocolate Covered Pretzel Shot pretty much has everything you’d be looking for in a dessert type alcoholic beverage. It’s sweet and salty , with notes of chocolate and a familiar aftertaste. Living up to its name, it tastes just like a chocolate covered pretzel ! ... More

how to make yarn stitch markers using polymer clay

You can take advantage of some of the great textured cookie cutters that come out in the fall and use them to make fabulous clay leaves. I got a handful at a Williams-Sonoma clearance sale last year and found a variety this year in a department store. ... More

how to make a harry potter wand

This Harry Potter selector, a free online personality quiz, is a creation of Katie Miller and for amusement purposes only. The implicit and explicit opinions expressed here are the author's. does not necessarily agree. ... More

how to make a drop shadow in photoshop cs6

Step 10: Let’s create a drop shadow effect to the white color frame. Go to the the right-bottom of the layers palette and click fx to add a layer style. Step 11: I have applied the Drop Shadow … ... More

how to play minecraft windows 10 edition

Minecraft: Education Edition with Windows 10 device promotion subscriptions are valid for 1 year from the time of redemption. At the end of 1 year, the promotional subscriptions will expire and any people using these subscriptions will be reverted to a trial license of Minecraft: Education Edition . ... More

how to make a tall tree in minecraft

17/11/2018 · Make it on a really tall tree so you can watch the sunset and see mobs that are far away. Use Sneak mode (Left Shift by default) so you don't fall from dangerous heights. Try creating it in a jungle or creating a jungle around it. ... More

how to make your own face mist without water

Spray the mixture lightly on your face right after you are done applying your makeup. Only make a little bit at a time because after a few days bacteria can begin to grow. Store in the refrigerator to make it last longer. The cool mist will also be refreshing. ... More

how to i put in a ticket for gta5

30/07/2013 · Today I show you how to install GTA V for free. This technique is incredibly easy to follow! This technique is incredibly easy to follow! Click Here To Eggscribe! -- ... More

how to make hash browns oven

To make these baked hash brown cups you only need a few ingredients, a muffin tin (<- I have several and love them), and an oven! Looking for even more awesome breakfast ideas? Check out this make ahead favorite ... More

how to read comic books in order

With online comic books still reaching their intended audiences and some other comic book series still being released in the print, becoming a comic book writer and writing a comic yourself can still be productive once you know the basics in writing a comic script.All it takes is to organize your thoughts by familiarizing yourself with the key components. ... More

how to make seitan a complete protein

While conflicting accounts exist on whether seitan is a complete protein, containing all nine essential amino acids, pairing it with a mixture of lysine-rich foods, such as beans, vegetables ... More

ideas how to raise a table or desk

Learn how to decorate your nightstand with these tips and tricks. Draw inspiration from these 32 ideas the perfect bedside table could be high, low, built-In, or not a table at all! ... More

how to make a form template in google docs

How can I create a form in Google Docs? I would like to create a simple Google Form. It will be a basic sales lead tracking chart for a small company. I need to have about 3 or 4 instances of “yes” / “no” or “if – then” to route questions and answers properly. It looks like I can have a “checklist” or “choose from a list” – but it is imperative that I have a way to ... More

how to make malt chocolate

This chocolate and malt tart recipe produces a smooth and decadent dessert. The secret is to use the best chocolate you can get to please real chocoholics, while the Horlicks gives the chocolate tart a lovely malty flavour. ... More

how to make a part in a synthetic wig

Shop synthetic wigs online at, find the latest styles of cheap best full lace synthetic wigs and curly synthetic wigs at discount price. ... More

how to make placemats without sewing

Burlap to me says Autumn and works so nicely for fall decor projects. I found some rusty orange burlap at my local fabric store and knew immediately how wonderful it would look made into place ... More

how to play passenger let her go

Print and download sheet music for Let Her Go by Passenger. Sheet music arranged for Easy Piano in E Minor (transposable). Sheet music arranged for Easy Piano in E … ... More

how to say pride and joy in italian

pride and joy That which fills one with a great sense of pride, pleasure, happiness, or contentment. This car is my father's pride and joy—if we put a single scratch on it, he'll go ballistic! I know it's a bit of a cliché, but my children truly are my pride and joy. See also: and, joy, pride pride and joy Fig. something or someone that one ... More

how to make a hole in a liquor bottle

"Image via How to Make a Liquor Bottle Lamp. Steve has so many old liquor bottles saved, this would be perfect to use them in a future man cave. Image via Lighted Absolut and Jack Dan" "Wine bottle crafts are a dime a dozen, but few have as much potential for daily use as a bottle lamp. It's also one of the easiest & fastest DIY projects around" "Although the four main flavors - sweet, salty ... More

how to make a mermaid tail costume youtube

11/01/2019 · The top 3 most Powerful Crystal's in the world ~ this is going to blow your mind!!! - Duration: 13:50. Mark Bajerski 169,951 views ... More

how to make your breasts larger with exercise

The truth is that exercises cannot increase the size of your breasts, but they can make them appear bigger, perkier and firmer. In fact, if you’re not careful about exercises, they can damage your muscles and they can even make your boobs look smaller. So, it is extremely important to know what you are doing. Here are the best exercises that are safe to perform and that can make your breasts ... More

how to only pay 6 months ctp online

You will have to pay a small surcharge if you select the 6-month option if you want a 3-, 6- or 12-month registration period (for heavy vehicles). You will have to pay a small surcharge if you select a 3- or 6-month … ... More

how to make cloudy apple cider

30/09/2013 · Fresh apple cider is sometimes called ‘cold pressed’ or ‘fresh pressed’ and is an unfiltered, unsweetened pure apple juice. It is often unpasteurized, and recognizable by its cloudy brown colour. ... More

how to make a spreadsheet using google docs

Create Currency Exchange Rates Table in Google Sheets Using GoogleFinace Function (1 USD Rates Table) In the above example, we have imported all the currency and currency codes into Google Sheets. As already told, you can see column the C, left as blank. ... More

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how to make beef kofta

Spicy garlic flavors from this middle eastern beef kofta recipe. Serve with plain rice, a salad or potatoes. Recipe for 4 people, ready in 20 minutes. Serve with plain rice, a salad or potatoes. Recipe for 4 people, ready in 20 minutes.

how to make cool faces on the keyboard

18/02/2016 · Hidden deep inside iOS’s Keyboard settings is an emoticon keyboard that gives you quick access to hundreds of emoticons or Unicode Faces in just …

how to make petrobond sand

"Casting parts for a model engine in aluminium .A sand core is used to make the casting hollow." "The first of many videos showing how I make aluminium castings in my home made foundry. Part one shows how the mould is made and in part two the metal is mel."

how to play fifa online ps4

**All games published by SCEA and the PlayStation™Network can use these ports for communication with SCEA game servers. Visit to keep up with all things FIFA. Get involved with the FIFA community by visiting the FIFA 18 board on Answers HQ .

how to make a simple bruise adn wound salve

Salves are extremely easy to make, and equally as beneficial to the homesteading herbalist’s medicine cabinet. Let me show you just how easy it is…. We make herbal salves to heal irritated skin, soothe sore muscles, speed up the healing process of cuts and wounds, and we can even make salves to help with respiratory distress—like homemade vapo rub.

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Nunavut: Chesterfield Inlet NU, Arviat NU, NU Canada, X0A 4H8

England: Tamworth ENG, Lancaster ENG, Christchurch ENG, Chester ENG, Gateshead ENG, ENG United Kingdom W1U 9A4

Northern Ireland: Derry(Londonderry) NIR, Craigavon(incl. Lurgan, Portadown) NIR, Bangor NIR, Craigavon(incl. Lurgan, Portadown) NIR, Derry(Londonderry) NIR, NIR United Kingdom BT2 5H5

Scotland: Glasgow SCO, Paisley SCO, Hamilton SCO, Livingston SCO, Aberdeen SCO, SCO United Kingdom EH10 5B5

Wales: Newport WAL, Neath WAL, Wrexham WAL, Cardiff WAL, Wrexham WAL, WAL United Kingdom CF24 9D6